What We Do

Our Education Model

YESPhilly has classes in all the core subjects required by the School District of Philadelphia.   Our school is designed to help students become confident and competent lifelong learners while preparing them to succeed in post-secondary education and careers.  Classes are small and are designed so students can work at their instructional level and get the individual attention they need. YESPhilly classes are project-based and use the Summit Learning Platform, a blended instructional model that focuses on student collaborative projects and core content knowledge.

A Bridge to Postsecondary Success

YESPhilly students are getting their education, earning high school diplomas, and enrolling in college.   They start preparing for college and careers as soon as they arrive.  While at YESPhilly, students go on college tours, learn how to apply to college and how to get financial aid, and get support to make sure they succeed.  Community College of Philadelphia has invested in welcoming our students, and making the transition to college smoother.

Counseling and Support Services

YESPhilly counselors help every student to make sure they develop the skills they need to succeed.  Counselors work with each individually, in groups and with their families. At YESPhilly students develop the habits and skills they will need to succeed in college and careers– responsibility, persistence, initiative, teamwork and goal-setting.  Every YESPhilly student sets their own goals, and creates a student development plan that gives them control over what they do, and responsibility for their own progress.