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Bashyra was recently accepted to the University of Pittsburgh.


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Asia is attending Benedict College, an HBCU in Columbia, South Carolina.


David and Shardae are both attending Northhampton Community College, where Shardae is pursuing a degree in Criminal Justice.


Tracy will be attending college in the fall with support from the Penn Immigrant Rights Scholarship.


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Datwon joined the Philadelphia Technician Training Institute vocational program in welding.


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Marva attended JobCorps and is a recent graduate, now on the road to high-quality full-time employment.


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Yaseem was accepted to Johnson College.

 Student Testimonial from Marquan:

A few months ago I finished my six month internship and graduated from YearUp. From there I kept in contact with some of my coworkers from my internship and was informed they would like to hire me once I attain at least a two year degree. With that in mind I am currently enrolled at Pierce college with the goal of gaining a two year degree and transferring out to a four year university after completion. As of now I am part timing at UPenn in one of their package rooms to pay for my transportation cost.

Also, the internship I was at is call Ellucian they are a cloud based company that focuses on higher education. The site director there also offered to be my mentor and has introduced me to many people to expand my network. It was a great experience. I recommend YearUp to any YESPhilly students that has aspirations in working in a corporate environment

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Steven is now attending the JobCorps program in Kentucky.