Meek Mill Inspires YESPhilly Students

On Thursday, January 21, Philadelphia’s own Meek Mill — one of the most popular rappers in the country — visited YESPhilly to talk to our students about the struggles and successes that he so memorably puts into his music.

Many YESPhilly students rate Meek Mill as their favorite rapper, and he is incredibly popular schoolwide, so meeting him in person presented an unforgettable opportunity.


The rap star discussed his strong work ethic, relating stories about how hard he worked to achieve success as a rapper, working 12-hour days for months on end to build his skills and his fame.

He stressed the importance of always working toward your goals: “When I ask you what your goals are, I want to know what you’re doing right now to achieve it. When someone tells me they play football, I ask, ‘What team are you on right now?'”


When one YESPhilly student shared his dreams of becoming a rapper, Meek Mill once again put him on the spot, asking him what he could spit right now. Not missing a beat, the student strode to the front of the audience and rapped acapella, earning him praise and a follow-up conversation after the event.


Meek Mill also reminded students about the importance of supporting those who support you. Growing up with a working single mother and a family to provide for, he never lost sight of how important it was to give back to his family and to those who need it most. Recently he donated money to Flint, MI water crisis and is active in charity and philanthropy work.

We are honored to have such an important influence on our students take the time to share his experience, wisdom, and insight, and we know it is an experience our students won’t soon forget.


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