The YESPhilly School


 The YESPhilly School is based on the belief that young adults who have dropped out of school have the capacity to become highly successful adults.  The following values are key parts of the school:

  • High academic achievement and college-going culture for all students
  • Media arts and technology skills infused throughout curriculum
  • Instruction and support that meet students where they are, continually challenging them to greater proficiency
  • A “conspiracy of support” that fosters affiliation, resilience and hope for the future.
  • Student engagement in critical thinking and active processing of information
  • Materials and strategies that challenge all students
  • Connections that build a community of learners
  • A culture of success that recognizes accomplishment


YESPhilly has an established program model that is highly effective at engaging and educating Philadelphia youth after they drop out of school. The YESPhilly School design builds on programmatic and curricular elements that have been  developed and tested over the past decade that ensure high academic achievement, personal development, connection to postsecondary education, and workplace readiness for our students. 

By the time they leave the YESPhilly School, students will be proficient in all of the core subjects required by the District, have a post-secondary plan and know how to make good decisions about their lives and their futures. They will have practical basic technology and communications skills and be prepared for credit-bearing college-level coursework.  They will be self-aware, motivated, competent, and confident in their ability to persist toward their goals, and have the reading, writing and math skills sufficient to comprehend the full range of college-level work they will encounter. Finally, they will have applied, been accepted to, and enrolled in an accredited post-secondary education setting, and have access to the financial, academic and socio-emotional supports needed to succeed there.