Andre Testifies at City Council Hearing May 21, 2015

Posted Date: 
May 25 2015

Good morning Members of City Council. My Name is Andre Williams.

I am a YESPhilly Student. We need school nurses, books, better technology and more athletic programs.

A few years ago, I was at Julius E. Mastbaum and I was expelled for fighting. A couple months later I was arrested for selling drugs and strong armed robbery. I was sent to a youth detention center for two years, but my mind set didn’t really change. One day my brother came home from YESPhilly and told me that I was nothing without my diploma or GED. Something clicked in my head and I decided to enroll in YESPhilly. I worked hard in every class and joined several extracurricular activities. Today I am a straight A student, and I have even learned how to tie a tie. I am set to graduate November 18th. Being locked up did not change me. Education and school did. So please provide more funding for schools like YESPhilly. You could save a life. It saved mine.  Thank you for your time.